A Child’s First Big League Game

Major League Umpires for UMPS CARE CharitiesThe 2010 BLUE Crew Tickets program begins this weekend and I’ve been given a homework assignment by UMPS CARE Charities that I think is best answered by fans of the game and not necessarily those of us working the games.

Question: What should children see or experience when they attend their first baseball game in your favorite Major League stadium? Please feel free to answer in one of three ways:

Twitter: @UmpsCare


Blog: comment here on my blog entry

Why we ask: We want our young guests to get the most out of their baseball experience. That’s why we provide great seats, a goody bag of all-things baseball, and the chance to step on to the field for a souvenir baseball and photo.

Now we want to include a “best-of” list of things to see and experience for each stadium. The list will go in the goody bags for our kids and chaperones. If you were taking a young boy or girl to see their first game, what would you make sure they saw or experienced?


  • Fenway Park – take a photo of the Green Monster.
  • Citizen’s Bank Park – watch Phillie Phanatic ride around field on ATV before game
  • Camden Yards – A red seat in left field (Section 86, Row FF, Seat 10) marks the spot where Cal Ripken Jr. hit his 278th home run on July 15, 1993. That homer broke Ernie Banks’ record for most home runs hit by a shortstop. Sit in the seat and have someone take your picture!
  • Wrigley Field – Celebrities sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame during the 7th inning stretch. See who will sing it today and sign along with them.
  • Angel Stadium of Anaheim – Be sure to watch the Rock Formation and Waterfalls area when the Angels hit a home run!

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2 Responses to “A Child’s First Big League Game”

  1. Andrew Senger Says:

    Busch Stadium: Take a trip to the Arch. I know it’s not in the stadium, but it’s a beautiful place to experience.

  2. Samantha Craig Says:

    I just posted on my Facebook page about one of my Appy League Minor League crews last season saving my Photographer/PR butt. I did not have a pre game event friendly atmosphere the last two seasons – so I begged the Appy League umpires to help me pull off a 12th hour miracle and they did! The last crew to come through Princeton in 2009 taught the kids to MUDD balls and to call balls & strikes/safe & out. It was the MOST FAVORITE Kids Club event in the last two years since Princeton started a Kid’s Club. The kids and parents have already asked for two separate events in 2010. One of teaching The Rules of Baseball and then Mudding 101. The Rules on the first Kids Club meeting of the season and the Mudd Fest on the last Kids Club meeting of the 2010 season. The kids got to mudd their ball and take it home. It was a wonderful teaching moment and the children learned the umpires are HUMAN too. One of the umpires brought out all his plate gear and put it on two different kids – a boy and a girl, which was a hoot!! I know this could be adapted to the Major League setting. If I can pull it off in 20 minutes with ROOKIE umpires prior to the LAST home game of the season – The PROS should be able to do it no problem!

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