Ask the Ump: Umpire’s Locker

Ask the Ump: Umpire Locker from Umps Care Charities on Vimeo.

In our ongoing segment, “Ask the Ump”, Major League umpire, Jim Reynolds answers a question via video received from one of our viewers. Look for more answers to your questions answered by Major League umpires by video.


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4 Responses to “Ask the Ump: Umpire’s Locker”

  1. Dee Says:

    What-no pictures of la familia?
    Cool idea with the video Mike-great job-you are so multifaceted!

  2. UmpsCareBlog Says:

    Thanks Matt for the feedback on the videos. Prior to each half inning beginning, we get the attention of the on deck hitter and let him know that there is “one more warm up pitch” That lets him know to start making his way to the batter’s box. Thanks so much for reading our blog!

  3. Jim Says:

    Are the plate shirts still larger than the base shirts, to take into account that the chest protector is worn inside the shirt?
    Aren’t there also short sleeve windbreakers that some umps wear?
    Is it true that the plate ump for that day’s game decides if the black or blue shirts will be worn? I’ve noticed over the past few years that certain umps like to wear black shirts, where other umps like to wear blue shirts?

  4. Matt Says:

    Hey Mike,

    Thanks to Jim Reynolds for the insight. Those are some solid equipment bags. Puts mine to shame lol.

    I just thought it was gonna be written responses. Its awesome that you guys filmed it and did it like this.

    Mike I was at the jays game tonight and noticed at times you would point to both sides and then point down. What does that signal mean?

    Looking forward to the next installment!


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