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MLB Umpires Team with Fredbird at St. Louis Children’s Hospital

September 2, 2011


It is only a short 15 minute drive along I-64 from Busch Stadium home of the St. Louis Cardinals, but it might as well be 15,000 miles. The pediatric oncology wing of the St. Louis Children’s Hospital, looks strikingly similar to hospital wings across the country. Walking these halls, much like the innocent, young children [...]

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Mystery Umpire Photo

August 11, 2011


Mystery Umpire Photo: Can you identify the Major League Umpires in this photo? Who are the managers of each team also shown in this photo? Do you know the approximate year this photo was taken?

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An Umpire’s Warning: Don’t Cross that Line!

July 5, 2011


The game of baseball would be sheer pandemonium, quickly become unrecognizable and ultimately collapse, if not for the use of lines. Lines are as fundamental as the laces on the ball and the leather and wood which every player would be rendered harmless without. For starters, the game cannot not even begin without the line-up. [...]

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Ernie Tyler: An Umpire’s Friend

May 28, 2011


On Friday evening, entering Camden Yards in Baltimore, my legs seemed to be moving at an unusually slow and heavy pace. It was a walk I have made many times over the past 12 years. Weaving through the underground tunnels and hidden corridors – dodging busy vendors and staff preparing for the night’s game, I [...]

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Umpire Gary Darling Makes the Perfect Call

May 3, 2011


Awaiting my flight to the next city, I was greeted by a post in my inbox from an attendee of a recent Washington National’s game. This particular game was dedicated to our men and women in the Armed Forces and all of those who have served our great Country. It was written by a Craig [...]

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One Child and a Teddy Bear

April 16, 2011


As a ray of early morning light gleams through the tiny window, his eyes slowly begin to open. For a split second, he is in his bedroom. He can hear the muffled sounds of his family preparing for the day in the kitchen downstairs. He can still feel the warmth and safety from the thick [...]

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Seize the Opportunity

September 20, 2010


Nearly 3500 students will descend on the lush, green campus of Mercyhurst College situated on a picturesque hillside overlooking the small town of Erie, Pennsylvania. The students of this small, Catholic University will certainly become familiar with the school’s well known mantra: carpe diem.  The school’s expectation is that its students will embrace this latin [...]

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Hall of Fame Gentleman

January 26, 2010


Every year before the start of spring training, Major League Umpires, all 68 of them, are summoned to gather in the warmth of the Arizona sun to attend a pre-season training meeting. The week-long training involves undergoing rigorous physicals, attending numerous meetings and presentations to discuss the rules, field positioning, administrative tasks and duties, and [...]

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