Mystery Umpire Photo

Mystery Umpire Photo: Can you identify the Major League Umpires in this photo? Who are the managers of each team also shown in this photo? Do you know the approximate year this photo was taken?
Umpire Mystery Photo


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11 Responses to “Mystery Umpire Photo”

  1. Frank Leparik Says:

    This certainly looks like 1977 to me…the year I began umpiring youth leagues. Can’t believe this is now a vintage photo. I see McKean, Deegan, DiMuro, Herzog, Lucchesi and Ford. What strikes me is that this was still the era of umps having big on-field personalities and style….the good old days!

  2. John Says:

    This photo looks like a late 60′s early 70′s due to th umpires logos on the hats and american league patch on the pocket. The Balloon protecter last use around 1978 season. but this picture umpires are Jim Mckean, Dale Ford, Mark Johnson, Bill Deegan

  3. Dave Says:

    Mike DiMuro looks a lot like his Dad! (albeit a younger version)

  4. Jim Says:

    I think when the pic was taken, all four umps still wore the “balloon” when they worked the plate. By 1979 McKean had switched to the inside protector, as he wore it in the WS game that year when he had the plate(the only time an AL ump worked the plate in the WS wearing the red blazer/inside protector combo). Ford would switch to the inside protector a few years later.

  5. UmpsCareBlog Says:

    @Dave: VERY IMPRESSIVE! Here is the actual box score for the game courtesy of

  6. Dave Says:

    Dale Ford is plate umpire, Jim McKean, Lou DiMuro, and Bill Deegan.

    Year is 1977. Place is Arlington Stadium.

  7. UmpsCareBlog Says:

    Luciano? I think Frank Lucchesi looks more like Luciano than any of the others!

  8. UmpsCareBlog Says:

    @Jim and @mikepayne: close, you have two of the umpires!

  9. Jim Says:

    Umps from left to right: Dave Phillips, Jim McKean, Luciano, Dale Ford.

  10. mike payne Says:

    Herzog and Frank Luchessi(sp) are the managers, Dale Ford is the plate ump. Jim Mckean arms folded.Mark Johnson in the back.Not sure of other ump.

  11. Alan in KC Says:

    I believe the KC manager in the photo is Whitey Herzog which would put the photo in the late 1970s.

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