Ask the Ump: Lineup Cards

Ask the Ump: Line Up Cards with Mike Di Muro from Umps Care Charities on Vimeo.

In our ongoing segment, “Ask the Ump”, Major League umpire, Mike Di Muro answers a question via video received from one of our viewers about lineup cards.

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4 Responses to “Ask the Ump: Lineup Cards”

  1. Jubes McGee Says:

    I liked this segment a lot. I was wondering what the responsibility of the different umps are on the road ? Ie does the most rookie ump have to book flights, rental cars, pack bags, restaurant reservations for the more senior umps ? What is the role of the crew chief on the road (ie A mentor, deals with reporters, makes sure everyone is on time ? etc)

    Thanks, Jubes McGee
    Toronto, Ontario

  2. Matt Says:

    That was neat. I didn’t know they put some ground rules on the back of the home teams card.

    @John Behrend The umps rotate clockwise. After a plate game, you work at 3rd base. 3rd base is generally quiet, and its sort of like a break after working the plate.

  3. John behrend Says:

    It was very interesting to listen to mike explain the line up card

  4. John behrend Says:

    Umpire rotation system that is used. where does the plate umpire move to next after he has called a game behind the plate. Do you use a counter clockwise or clock wise system.

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