Umpire Life on the Road: Day 45

April 27, 2011


Major League umpires will spend a vast majority of the year on the road and away from home. Hotels, airports, trains, planes and automobiles will be home to every umpire from March to October. This is an ongoing series entitled “Umpire Life on the Road”.

April 26, 2011 Day 45 on the road – Rainout in Minnesota.

Rainout at Minnesota Target Field

Since leaving home March 1st, today is day 45 on the road. Finishing our four game series in San Diego, our next assignment takes us to Minnesota. Once arriving at the airport, I was greeted with an initial 3 hour delay.  Spending every second or third day in airports, the road warrior must take delays, cancellations and the occasional TSA “body rub” in stride. Eventually, you will find a way to get to the next city before the first pitch.

We were told it was a mechanical issue with the plane. I am no expert, so if an airline mechanic says we need a new “johnson rod” in the plane, then I guess we better get one. Truthfully, it was more likely that the poor weather hitting Minneapolis was to blame for the delay.

Once arriving into Minneapolis, I waited for my luggage, jumped on the rental car shuttle, got the car and headed downtown. The crew was set to meet in the lobby at 5pm to leave for the ballpark. A text arrives soon after checking into the hotel indicating that the game was postponed. It will be made up as part of a split-doubleheader on Thursday.

A rainout in Minnesota is something new for many of us. Working under the white baggy that was the MetroDome, weather has never been an issue during the baseball season. So tonight will be a night off watching the NHL hockey playoffs.

Speaking of hockey, check out a great interview with one of the all time top officials in any sport – Bill McCreary. The longtime NHL referee retired this season and this interview confirms why he is such a well respected referee and professional.
Watch the video


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6 Responses to “Umpire Life on the Road: Day 45”

  1. UmpsCareBlog Says:

    @michaelvandecaveye….thanks for your comment and a great question. Official Baseball Rules 3.16: “When there is spectator interference with any thrown or batted ball, the ball shall be dead at the moment of interference and the umpire shall impose such penalties as in his opinion will nullify the act of interference.” Rule 3.16 Comment also touches on spectator interference. Ordinariy the plate umpire has the best view of the entire field, the ball and all runners, but all umpires will watch and assist in the placing of any and all runners. Great question!

  2. michael vandecaveye Says:

    Hey Guys thanks for all the work you do for the kids.I know about your site through Sam an Hunter.The qustion I have is this.How do you guys determine where to places runners when fan interfence happens.Most people seem to think its a ground rule double an thats only two bases.But if the umpires back is turned to make the call.Who figures out where the runner should be after.The one in Det on May 30 is strange.An there was not much of a explenation.I know its a judgement call.

  3. Mike Di Muro Says:

    @Robin. We have cut it very close to first pitch before but somehow we always make it. It is not always easy and there have been many times when you can only get to the next nearest city and find a way to get there.

  4. Robin N. Says:

    What happens if/when flights are delayed/canceled and very good possibility you won’t arrive by first pitch? Travel logistics must be over-whelming at times.


  5. Mike Di Muro Says:

    Matt, some great questions. I am working on a “Ask the Ump” section coming soon. These will be great for that section. Thanks again for reading!

  6. matt Says:

    Hey Mike,

    Thanks for the insight.

    Do you get a chance to explore the city your in much?

    Do the airlines ever lose your luggage or equipment?

    Any good/funny travel stories from your minor league days?


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